Duration : 3 months
Available Branches : Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Kollam, Cochin, Calicut
Eligiblity Criteria : B.Tech

Course Overview

  • Tests on Cement
  • Tests on Fresh Concrete
  • Tests on Aggregates
  • Tests on Bitumen
  • Tests on Steel
  • Tests on Water
  • Tests on Cement(Theory and practical)

1.Fineness test

2.Consistency test

3.Initial and final setting time

4.Soundness test

Tests on Aggregates (Theory and practical)

1.Sieve analysis

2. Water absorption

3. Aggregate abrasion value(Theory and video demonstration only)

4. Aggregate Impact value

5. Aggregate crushing value

6. Elongation and flakiness for course aggregate.

7. Specific gravity test


Tests on Fresh Concrete

1.Slump test

2.Compacting factor test (Theory and video demonstration only)

3. Vee bee test(Theory and video demonstration only)

 Tests on Hardened Concrete

  1. Compression test(Compression testing machine)

 Tests on Soil

1.Water Content (with practical)

                     1.1Oven drying method

     1.2 Calcium carbide method

2. Particle size distribution.

3. Liquid limit (Theory and video demonstration only)

4. Plastic limit.(Theory and video demonstration only)

5. Specific gravity (Theory and video demonstration only)

6.Maximum dry density&optimum moisture content (Theory and video)

7. In –situ dry density (With practical)

7.1Core cutter method

     7.2 Sand replacement method

Tests on water (With practical)

    1. pH value test

Tests on bitumen(Theory and video demonstration only)

1. Bitumen content

          2.Specific gravity

          3.Marshall stability


          5.Flash point and fire

          6.Softening point